Sustainable solutions for landscaping

Some of the solutions being developed are:
  • Reduction of storm water run-off through the use of bio-swales, rain gardens and green roofs and walls.
  • Reduction of water use in landscapes through design of water-wise garden techniques (sometimes known as xeriscaping)
  • Bio-filtering of wastes through constructed wetlands
  • Landscape irrigation using water from showers and sinks, known as gray water
  • Integrated Pest Management techniques for pest control
  • Creating and enhancing wildlife habitat in urban environments
  • Energy-efficient landscape design in the form of proper placement and selection of shade trees and creation of wind breaks
  • Permeable paving materials to reduce stormwater run-off and allow rain water to infiltrate into the ground and replenish groundwater rather than run into surface water
  • Use of sustainably harvested wood, composite wood products for decking and other landscape projects, as well as use of plastic lumber
  • Recycling of products, such as glass, rubber from tires and other materials to create landscape products such as paving stones, mulch and other materials
  • Soil management techniques, including composting kitchen and yard wastes, to maintain and enhance healthy soil that supports a diversity of soil life
  • Integration and adoption of renewable energy, including solar-powered landscape lighting
Favourite Plant Today: Thornless Honey Locust
Common name Thornless Honey Locust Latin name Gleditsia tracanthos var. inermis Type Tree Height 35-60′ Spread 35-60′ Light & Water Full sun: Zone 4 Bloom months Does not bloom. Bloom colour Foliage colour Yellow green Features Fall colour Notes Bright golden foliage in spring goes light green in summer and yellow in fall. Needs regular thinning/pruning to keep good shape and create pleasant dappled shade. Extensive root system. Thornless, seedless relative of Acacias.
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